GWの木曜日 晴れ 蒸し暑い


大江戸線 新型車両 @ 国立競技場駅





手前は蕎麦生地 奥はそうめん生地ですね。

  ドライカレー 千駄ヶ谷 イマイチですね。

千駄ヶ谷の東京体育館で2000 スイム





  1. 羽田サンフランシスコ間の機内食の和食が、



I am sorry that your original email was lost, and we did not respond to you, regarding your experiences when you recently traveled with us.  With a bit of searching, I was able to find your email, and I will be happy to address your concerns.


I was very sorry to read that you had check in issues in Seattle.  We always want our elite members to experience the best in check in and processing, and so I apologize to you, if this is not what you experienced in Seattle, and also in Raleigh, when our agent did not treat you in a respectful and polite manner.


Additionally, we want your checked bags to be delivered quickly to you, upon arrival at your destination.  I apologize that that did not happen upon your arrival at Haneda.


As a gesture of concern for all of these issues, and of course, because we did not respond to your original email right away; I will email you a travel certificate for $XXX. It will arrive at this email address within 3 business days, and it is my hope you will accept our sincere apology, and will enjoy using it at some point in the future, so that we can have the chance to win back your trust.


We thank you for flying with us, and for being a highly valued Premier 1K elite member.


Again, I am sorry for your experiences, and I am very glad that I could review this for you and address your concerns.


Kindest regards to you.





Corporate Customer Care

火曜日 晴れ 夏日


Kona 100% Coffee


NHKのクローズアップ現代で、やらせ演出がありました。本日、その社内報告と処分内容が発表されましたが、全く話に ならないものでした。NHKという組織には自浄という言葉は通用しないようです。屁にもならないような身内に大甘な処分内容でした。こんな組織が受信料を払えといっても、払う理由はないです。ボイコットしましょう。NHKはもう不要です。解体開催で民営化でいいでしょう。腐敗した組織、NHKは御免です。公私混同の横領容疑のNHK籾井会長はまだ居るんですね。驚きですね、受信料を横領した犯罪者が会長とは。