Best Place To Work 社長の支持率は?

アメリカの転職情報サイトのグラスドアが今年のBest Place To Workを発表しました。結果は以下のリンクを参照してください。,19.htm

Facebook, McKinsey…..Apple, Boeing, Costco, Starbucks

Seattle Timesもこの記事を取り上げていますが、(下記)むしろ面白いのが従業員による社長様の支持率です。記事が言わんとしているように、スティーブバルマーの支持率は、実際には改善していないと思いますが(つまり、30%未満)、この野田首相もビックリの低支持率で居座り続けるふてぶてしさは?

Is Steve Ballmer really the year’s most improved tech company CEO?

Online career site Glassdoor is out with its Top 50 Best Places to Work list, its annual compilation based entirely on employee feedback.

Among the findings this year:

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer ranked as most improved tech CEO, with his approval rating going up from 29 percent last year to 46 percent this year. (That said, 46 percent approval makes Ballmer the third-lowest ranked tech company CEO on this list. The two lowest were Netflix’s Reed Hastings with 42 percent and Xerox’s Ursula Burns with 21 percent.)

Twenty tech companies made the Top 50 list, with Facebook coming in No. 1 overall. But no Seattle-area tech companies made the top 50. Other types of locally based companies did, though, including REI at No. 21, Slalom Consulting at No. 25, Costco at No. 46, and and Starbucks at No. 50.




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