Brian Culbertson

White iPhone 4 4月下旬発売、AT&T Verizon、iPhone 5は秋以降

White iPhone4の発売により、iPhone5の発売日は向こう6ヶ月はないでしょうね。いつになることやら。

White iPhone 4 Launched by Apple Within Two Weeks

Will Apple finally be bringing the White iPhone4 available in the market? This is going to be one of the most anticipated launch if its really true. Apple has kept the White iPhone 4 away from being released with one reason to another. Is it not too late to have the White iPhone 4 from Apple released just now? Our reliable source said that the White iPhone 4 from Apple will be making its way into the Market within Ten days in April 26, 2011.

Some of the rumors that revolved around the White iPhone 4 has something to do with it being thought to be the iPhone 5 that almost everyone is talking about. This White iPhone 4 from Apple is also told to be having the latest firmware revamp iOs 5. But with rumors saying that the White iPhone 4 will be launching within a few days, this could mean that all these rumors could come false. There is also an argument going on with regards to the network provider, It may either by AT&T and Verizon thats going to claim the White iPhone 4 release. We will soon be updating the plans and the details of the White iPhone 4 as it launches.

Will this White iPhone 4 really have its launch in late April? We will find out soon as we wait and see what Apple has in store for us.