Tablets, Tablets, and Tablets どのタブレット買ったらいいのか?


Apple iPad

Apple introduced the second version of its iPad on March 2. The newer version is slimmer, lighter and has both front and rear-facing cameras. The devices can be bought to operate on either AT&T or Verizon’s 3G networks. Competitors are cropping up with increasing frequency, but the iPad remains the dominant tablet on the market.

Motorola Xoom

Motorola introduced its tablet, the Xoom, at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The tablet is the first to run the newest version of Google’s Android operating system, known as Honeycomb. It was named the best gadget by the show’s official awards. Motorola said that the tablet will be available in the first quarter of 2011, but has not given any details about its cost.

H.P. Slate

The on-again, off-again Slate was in the works for some time. In October Hewlett-Packard, the world’s largest PC manufacturer, introduced the Slate, its first tablet. Running a touch-optimized version of Microsoft Windows 7, the Slate is initially being targeted at business users. That would explain its enterprise-level price: $800.

Dell Streak

Dell was one of the first computer makers to respond to the iPad, releasing the Streak in August. The Streak has a five-inch screen, smaller than the eight- to 10-inch screens common in tablets. With dimensions like that, the Streak occupies the space between the smartphone and the tablet.

BlackBerry PlayBook

Refusing to cede tablet ground to the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft, smartphone maker Research In Motion has been developing the PlayBook, part of its BlackBerry line of devices. The PlayBook will be available in 2011, though R.I.M. has shown prototypes already. Expect full Flash support for the Web, compatibility with corporate servers and enhanced security features.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Galaxy Tab from Samsung is one of the few real competitors to Apple’s iPad. Available through all four major cellphone carriers, the Galaxy runs on Google’s Android 2.2 operating system, which means it comes with some features — turn-by-turn navigation, voice dictation, Flash support — that either cost extra on the iPad or are not available at all. Prices vary depending on the carrier, but expect to pay between $400 and $600.

Toshiba Tablet

Toshiba’s tablet, which will run on Google’s Android operating system, resembles an iPad with a grippy rubberized backing. The company has incorporated features it has developed for its laptops, like stereo speakers and a screen that adjusts in contrast and brightness depending on the lighting. Both of those features are intended to make it more comfortable for consumers to watch video. Some of the details, like exact weight and exact price, are still being worked out.

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2011年3月27日12時16分 読売新聞)

iPad2の使い心地、いいですね。White Modelデザインもグッド

昨日、我が家に届いた2台のiPad2のうち、一台のセットアップが早速終わりました。やはり、何といってもCPUが改善された分、速くなりました。前面カメラと背面のカメラ、2箇所のカメラもかなりプラスです。白のデザインもいいです。次期のiPhoneもWhite Modelが主流になりそうな予感です。


週末、土曜日 Brown Bag Cafes @ Kirkland Totem Lake


朝方はスポーツクラブへ車で行きました。2月の比べてNew Year’s Resolutionの棄権組が増えてきたせいか、気持ちすいてきましたね。1,700メートルスイム。気分がとてもいいです。

その後は、Totem LakeにあるBrown Bag Cafes (に行ってきました。私の記憶ではこのレストラン、もともとはRedmondにあったのですが、ここKirkland Totem Lakeに移転したようです。


本日、iPad2が2台、我が家に到着しました。Verizon 32GBモデルのWhiteモデルです。

Photo Boothというアプリがデフォルトで入っています。前面にカメラを搭載しているので、アプリを立ち上げると自分の顔が9つのヴァリエーションでリアルタイムで表示されます。また、確かに薄くなりました。やはり、黒よりも白の方が、いいです。後は、アップル製のカバーはレザーの白を買ってあったのですが、前面のみのプロテクションで背面はプロテクションされません。ヒンジの部分が強力磁石になっていてピタッとはまるので、使い勝手は悪くはないですが、プロテクションを考えている私は何か、買いますね。Happy Owlからいいのが出れば、考えます。







iPad2海外発売 UKでは33時間前から行列が始まりました。

ロンドンの店舗では3月25日の33時間前に最初の行列ができたようです。リサーチによれば、既存のiPad 1オーナーの25%がiPad2を買うと考えられています。私は、実際は60-70%以上だと思います。

iPad 2 queues start 33 hours early as demand expected to beat supply

Research suggests 25% of existing iPad owners will update as industry sources say supply constraints will leave some waiting

The queues for the iPad 2 have begun, with the first arrival settling down outside Apple‘s flagship Regent Street store in London 33 hours ahead of its 5pm launch on Friday.

The first person in the line, Jules Lewis from London, was also in the queue for the launch of the original iPad last May. But he insisted that he is not buying it in order to sell it on eBay but will “keep it in the family”.

By lunchtime the queue was already seven strong, and the queue was growing too at Apple’s store in Covent Garden.

Demand for the iPad 2 is expected to outstrip supply substantially. surveyed 438 iPad owners earlier this week and found that one in four plans to buy an iPad 2 – which will give extra uplift to the tablet’s sales. Apple announced earlier this week that it has cut the price from the original £429 to £399. The new device features a faster processor and cameras on the front and back.

Industry sources suggest that there will be constrained numbers of the devices in the first week or so. Besides Apple’s stores and online ordering, it will also be sold from Argos and by a number of mobile networks including T-Mobile and Vodafone. But The Guardian understands that despite requesting large numbers, the number allocated to non-Apple outlets is less than 20,000. The company is launching the iPad 2 in 24 other countries on the same day, which has put strong pressure on supply: in the US between 500,000 and 1m iPad 2s were sold in the first weekend when it went on sale a fortnight ago.

T-Mobile  and Orange will be selling the 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G model for £199 with a 24-month contract for existing customers, or £229 and 24-month contract to new customers.

Vodafone will have similar pricing plans, though it is offering all of the storage sizes – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB – in the 3G range, for prices varying from £199 to £349 for existing customers, and £24.50 per month. New customers will have to pay slightly more.

Rival tablets that would have equivalent features and processing power to the iPad have been announced by a number of competitors, including Motorola, BlackBerry maker RIM, and Samsung, but so far none has given a firm date and price for a UK launch.